Launching : Citizens’ Alliance for a Latin America Toxic-free Environment

Aliança Cidadã

Launching of Citizens’ Alliance for a Latin America Toxic-free Environment


Civil society organizations from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay launched the Citizens’ Alliance for a Latin America Toxic-free Environment, on the occasion of the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Meeting for the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), taking place in Montevideo (Uruguay) from May 6-7, 2022.  With the objective of protecting the environment and public health in Latin America, the Alliance wants to intensify the commitment of civil society in the democratic governance of SAICM and its implementation in the region.

The Alliance’s founding organizations, Taller Ecologista (Argentina), Associação Toxisphera (Brazil) and Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo – CIEDUR (Uruguay) have also published reports on the policies, institutional arrangements and challenges related to SAICM in their countries and in the region, and present some recommendations for overcoming obstacles and gaps in the implementation of integrated and environmentally sound chemicals management.   The national and regional reports, results of the research conducted in 2021, are available in several languages.

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