Toxisphera Environmental Health Association is a Brazilian non-profit civil society organization, established in 2010. Our main purpose is to engage in the governance and transparency of public policies and multilateral agreements that impact human health and the environment. Our guidelines include the qualification and mobilization of society groups, as well as the promotion of approaches and measures for sustainability in development, with an emphasis on science as the basis for environmentally responsible management of chemicals and their waste. Additionally, we aim to conserve and restore an ecologically balanced environment.

With a mission to promote healthy and balanced environments, we strive to influence the governance of multilateral bodies, public policies, and corporate practices. This is intended to increase inclusive engagement across various sectors, including labor movements, environmental and human rights advocates, technical and legal experts, as well as scientists.

Networks and Alliances

Toxisphera has partnerships and is a member of various global networks and alliances, such as IPEN, GAIA, ZMWG, CLiC, and Break Free From Plastic (BFFP). In Brazil, we are part of FBOMS – the Brazilian Forum of NGOs and Social Movements for Development and the Environment, RBJA – the Brazilian Network for Environmental Justice, FONASCH, and other social initiatives and related networks.